Frequently Asked Questions About Replacement Laptop Batteries


Every laptop needs a battery to operate. The battery primarily contributes to the PS’s portability. Its size also matters. However, most people do not know that laptops usually have two batteries. The first battery is usually attached to the motherboard. Its role is to maintain CMOs settings when the laptop is off. The other battery is the removable one we all know of. The removable battery is prone to damages and wears due to prolonged use and other elements. Therefore, you may be forced to purchase a laptop battery (Achat Batterie pour ordinateur portable) once in a while. People often have questions about replacement laptop batteries. This post seeks to provide answers to these queries.

When do you need a replacement laptop battery?

There are various reasons you may need a new battery for your laptop. They include;

  • It does not hold charge- one of the primary indicators that you need replacement laptop batteries is if your battery does not hold charge. Your battery may come from a running time of ten hours to an hour or half an hour. This is a sign of wear or battery damage. The solution is usually to get a new battery.
  • If it refuses to charge- sometimes, your battery may refuse to charge no matter how long you plug it in.
  • If it is swollen- using the wrong battery or practising improper charging habits can cause your laptop battery to swell. This often happens to specific laptop battery types. Regardless, when this happens, you will need a replacement battery.

Before deciding that you need a replacement battery, it would be wise to make sure that the battery is the only issue. You can do this by removing the battery and plugging the charger. If the laptop runs without the battery, the battery is the problem. There could be another issue like a damaged charging port or system if it doesn’t.

How can you find suitable replacement laptop batteries?

You can find the correct replacement battery for your laptop by;

  • Determining the ideal replacement battery time and specifications before you start looking for one. You can easily find this information on the sticker of your original battery. This information will help you make the right choice.
  • Finding a reliable store to get the battery
  • Choosing genuine or authentic replacement laptop batteries over refurbished and cheap knock offs
  • Testing the battery before finalizing the purchase

How can you replace your laptop battery

Replacing the battery in your laptop is as easy as removing the old one and inserting the new one. However, some laptop brands or models have built-in batteries, which may require more work. Depending on your laptop model and brand, you can research the technique for removing and replacing your laptop battery.

Final word

Perhaps the most important thing about finding replacement laptop batteries is getting genuine products. This way, durability, safety, and quality are guaranteed. The internet is an excellent tool for finding new laptop batteries. All you need is a reliable dealer and the proper knowledge of the battery your laptop uses.


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