Decide That You’re Enough (And You Will Be)!

Did you know that all it takes to love and accept yourself and finally be enough is SIMPLY making the choice to DECIDE that YOU JUST ARE? You really don't have to be any prettier, thinner, smarter, more successful, or blah, blah, and blah! You JUST have to DECIDE that...

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Are You a Man Pleaser?

Wanting to please each other in a relationship is a beautiful, loving act that my man and I naturally do for each other daily, and there are no issues with us doing so because it's reciprocal and we have a great relationship. However, what I often see in...

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Is It the “Right Time” for Love?

I speak to lots of women weekly about their love lives, and a common concern that women have is knowing when it's "the right time" to find love? As people, we go through breakups, divorces, job and career changes, and other transitional and life-changing events that...

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5 Steps to Recovery When He Disappears

We've all had men we really, really like and hoped was The One disappear on us, whether it's after promising to call and going out on a first date or after a series of dates that seemed amazing. So what do you do when this happens?! To preserve your personal power and...

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Playing Hard to Get Doesn’t Work!

There's A LOT of dating info out there telling you to play hard to get - telling you to play a game, manipulate, be inauthentic about your feelings, be elusive, and make the other person feel like they're not good enough on some level - in order to get love from...

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1.  NOT LOVING YOURSELF FIRST. Self-hate is believing that you are worthless, unloveable, and undeserving of love.  You can hate yourself without even realizing it.  In dating, this is especially dangerous, because it often results in attracting unavailable,...

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