Tips on Buying an Electric Breast Pump


There could be a variety of causes for your desire to start pumping breast milk. The most significant benefit is that your infant will still receive some of the nutritional benefits of breast milk even when you are not physically present to provide it.

For convenience, try using an electric breast pump. Do not feed your baby in a bottle until you have successfully established breastfeeding, which usually takes about six weeks.

Women report mixed results when trying different breast pumps. Some find the breast pump type fit and works for them, while some do not. In the event that you purchase a breast pump and find that it does not meet your needs, you should not give up on expressing it. You may find a different model that suits you better.

Why Use an Electric Breast Pump?

Using an electric breast pump, you can get your milk out much more quickly and with much less effort. Once the cup is placed on the breast, it automatically works for you at the rate you choose. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about sore fingers or disrupting your pumping rhythm.

It also expedites the milk extraction process, making it ideal for mothers who need to express frequently because they are going to work or are feeding twins. You can use a battery-operated breast pump when you need to express milk but can’t get to an electrical outlet.

You may find the following adjustable features on more expensive electric pumps to be useful:

  • A feature that allows you to pump both breasts at once.
  • The suction is preset to match your baby’s natural sucking rhythm.
  • The feature that sets the maximum rate of suction.
  • Controllable suction pressure settings.

The Pros and Cons of Electric Breast Pumps


  • Easier to operate than traditional hand pumps.
  • Quicker compared to other milk-extraction techniques.
  • More adaptable to your needs and preferences, allowing you to feel more at ease.
  • Provide a wider variety of options, such as double breast pumps and pumps similar to those used in hospitals.
  • Provide you with options, as high-quality pumps suitable for hospitals are available for rent.


  • Costlier than hand-operated alternatives.
  • Has louder motor noise than traditional pumps.
  • Inconvenient to disinfect.
  • Using a breast pump that requires access to an electrical outlet can be inconvenient when you’re on the go.

Various Features You Should Look For

  • A vacuum you can adjust to facilitate comfort.
  • An electric pump allows a higher cycling time and rate than manual breast pumps.
  • To reduce pumping time in half, look for a model that allows you to pump both breasts simultaneously. If you want to increase your milk supply and breastfeeding capacity to feed more, it is suggested to maximize and empty both breasts through double-pumping.
  • Something simple to put together, clean, and operate. Finding one with a case will make it much more convenient to transport.

For some moms, the price of an electric breast pump is not a reason for them not to buy it. At first, it may be costly, but its benefits, especially for working moms, are worth it.


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