E-Bike Road Rules and Etiquette


Electric bicycles are a fantastic alternative to consider when it comes to traveling on the road for commuting, entertainment, or exercise. Not only will you get to your location in a shorter amount of time, but you will also cover more ground than you could on a standard bicycle, all while having a smaller negative influence on the surrounding environment.

You can dial in the amount of pedal assistance using the handlebar-mounted RideControl control system, allowing you to choose between a workout and a sweat-free commute to work.

Riding an electric bicycle comes with a plethora of advantages. That much is certain. But to ride without risk, you need to use common sense and follow these tips:

Be Savvy

Find out how road e-bikes are governed in your area by visiting the bike store closest to you. This will also help you determine whether you are deemed a bicyclist or a driver of a motorized vehicle. The use of electric bicycles and the legislation governing their use can differ from nation to nation and area to region.

In most regions, cyclists are expected to behave like motorists, including stopping at stop signs and traffic lights and riding with the flow of traffic. Make sure you are confident in your ability to operate your e-bike by giving it some practice. This includes practicing slowing down, stopping, getting on and off, and navigating your e-bike.

Be Seen

It is always a good idea to take additional precautions to be seen when biking on the road, regardless of whether you are riding a traditional or electric bicycle. A smart place to begin is by utilizing front and rear lights and wearing apparel that is either very visible or highly reflective. The Amiti E+ and the Thrive E+ EX PRO have their own built-in lighting systems.

When riding on the road, it is essential to have the appropriate equipment and maintain a state of heightened awareness. Make your intentions known to the vehicles in the area using the appropriate hand signals. Keep in mind that motorists may not anticipate a bicycle riding at quicker speeds than they are accustomed to seeing.

Be Respectful

E-bikes are capable of going faster than traditional bicycles. However, riders should still exercise courtesy around cars, other cyclists, and pedestrians by limiting their speed and always adhering to the speed restriction that has been established. Use a bell and make eye contact with the pedestrian or cyclist you are passing on the road while speaking in a pleasant tone to let them know you are coming up behind them.

If you choose to use an e-bike on greenways and other multi-use trails, be considerate of all other users and be aware that in some places, using an e-bike on these sorts of surfaces may not be permitted. If you choose to ride your e-bike on these types of surfaces, be sure to observe all applicable laws and regulations.

Last but not least, if you wish to participate in a ride with a group but will be riding an electric bicycle, make sure your companions are aware of this fact and slow down the speed so everyone can keep up.


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