Can A Bad Brake Caliper Cause Vibration And Can You Fix It?


Your vehicle’s brake caliper an important component that holds the brake pad and also forces them against brake rotors when you are pushing the brake pedal. Just like other components, they can also be damaged and many possibilities perhaps a reason for sticking brake calipers.

The common reason behind this is thethe brake calliper dirty or is not lubricated. Whatever the reason is the question is can a bad brake caliper cause vibration or not. The given article describes can brake calliper failure cause vibration. If yes then how you can fix it?

Can Brake Calliper Failure Cause Vibration?

There are a lot of reasons behind brake calliper failure. Maybe it is the caliper piston or the brake hose that is causing the problem. The caliper piston is covered by rubber and if it becomes damaged then your car brake caliper can be rusted or will not slide properly.

If you are using your brake system for a long time then there are chances that it wears out but here the question is can brake calliper failure cause vibration or not? If you are noticing that your vehicle vibrates. While moving or braking then there is something wrong.

If any of your car components are faulty that could be the brakes, Yes, is the response. A defective brake calliper may your car to vibrate. If it vibrates while you use the brake then every possibility is you’re brake system is faulty.

How Can Vibration Be Caused by a Defective Brake Calliper?

The vibration of your car when you brake indicates that its brake calipers sticking. As mentioned earlier the brake calipers of your vehicle are responsible for pressing the brake pad against the rotor.

A fluid is pumping through the lines and when you press the pedal this fluid creates hydraulic pressure. This pressure forces the brake caliper to force the brake pads into contact with the rotor.  When your vehicle’s brake calipers fail to press the pad against the rotor then you will feel the steering wheel’s trembling.

How to Fix a Bad Brake Caliper to Avoid Vibration?

Now when you are confirmed that your car’s brake caliper is sticking then either you could use your car to a mechanic or can try to fix it. If you are planning to do it on your own then the following are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1.

Turn lug nuts clockwise and raise your car through a floor jack.

Step 2.

Put a pan under brake assembly, as well as clean the brake

Step 3.

Remove the brake caliper and brake pad. Clean them and lubricate the caliper pin. In the last insert, everything is back to its position.


If you find your car vibrating while you brake then this could be your brake caliper that is causing the problem. Sticking brake calipers can shake your vehicle. The given article describes how you can fix your vehicle’s bad brake caliper to avoid vibrations.


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