Amazing Ways To Utilize A Headband With Human Hair Wig


If you are a wig wearer then you will know the importance of a headband in styling a wig.  The headband is just like a shawl cloth that is used at the front side of a wig and has two purposes. The first one is to look pretty and the second one is to handle the wig firmly so that less effort is required to fix it.

The most amazing fact about headbands is that it plays a great role in bringing a natural appearance as they concealed the headline. If you also find it interesting and want to know the ways that can be used to utilize a headband with HD human hair wigs then you should move forward to our given article.

Ways to Wear Headband with a Wig

Given discussed ways can help you to make your wig more stylish and appealing with the use of a headband.


If you are using a short hair wig but want to look more stylish then the excellent way is to use a headband. You can easily make a side braid and can use the headband inside it which will bring a new appearance.

Moreover, the other way is to make a ponytail at the side of your head and then separate the hair in parts. Take a headband and use it just like you make a braid.

Crown Braided Wave

The other and most stylish way is the crown braided deep wave diva. For this, you have to comb your hd lace wigs hair around your head and then nape around your neck. Start braiding the hair around the head and add the headband between it.


Pigtails are no doubt the most stylish as well as cute styles ever. When a headband is added then it will enhance its appearance twice. You have to separate the hairs into two parts and make a braid starting from one side and ending at the other using a headband between the braids. Now, use a band to join the hairs on both sides.

Sleek And Straight

A straight headband is a very excellent choice if you have a curly hair wig. As curly hairs are very difficult to handle hence headband helps to cover hair easily and beautifully. You can choose to use a velvet headband that will look stylish.

Curls All The Way

There is no doubt if you want to look pretty and stylish at the same time then you can utilize a headband over a wig that has curls all the way. The curly wigs are specially designed so that wearers can create a new and stylish hairstyle using any accessory.

Ending Thought

Making styles of a wig is common but you have seen different divas utilizing pretty headbands with their wigs. If you also want to use a headband with a wig then the above article is best for you. The above-discussed ways are very easy to practice and bring attractiveness to the face.


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