Tips For Cleaning A Hot Tub


Who doesn’t love a stress-relieving bath in their hot tub? The bubbling water of the hot spa becomes a sanctuary where you can relax after a long stressful day. However, to make sure your hot tub is a relaxing spot and not a dirty mess, you need to keep it clean.

In this article, you will find multiple tips and instructions on how to clean a hot tub. With these tips, you can keep the hot tub clean, keep it functioning properly, and keep it safe as well. If you own a hot tub spa, now is the perfect time to take a day out of your life and clean it thoroughly so you can enjoy it all year round.

Before we tell you how to clean a hot tub, here is a list of times when you should clean your hot tubs and their various other parts. You can also see hot tub details in the user manual to see how much maintenance your hot tub requires.

  • After Every Use:

After every use, take a clean cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, to clean the tub and remove all the tide lines. If you don’t clean the sidelines after every use, they will get permanent and ruin the whole tub’s look.

  • Once A Week:

Even if you don’t use the hot tub, make sure to check the filters and clean them accordingly. If there is any debris or built-up substances in the filter, it can damage the water motor permanently. Secondly, check the pH levels of the water every week and add chlorine to sanitize and clean the water. If possible, check the pH levels after every use to make sure the hot tub water is safe, but doing so once a week is good enough too.

  • Quarterly:

After every three months, you should thoroughly clean your hot tub. A thorough cleanup means draining the hot tub, cleaning the interior, cleaning the pipes, and then refilling the hot tub with fresh water. We will further discuss how to thoroughly clean a hot tub below in this article.

  • Once A Year:

DIY cleaning is all well and good, but getting experts to clean and service the whole hot tub as well as its pipes and all the mechanism is best practice. So, once a year, maybe before the start of winter, you should get your hot tub serviced.

How To Clean A Hot Tub?

Once every three months, you should thoroughly clean your hot tub to ensure you can enjoy the relaxing hot tub baths without any troubles or any harmful material in your hot tub water. A thorough clean-up means cleaning each and every part of the hot tub, including the pipe, the filters, the jets, and even the hot tub pillows. Cleaning things like the hot tub covers, pillows, and the surface itself is pretty straightforward. You can wipe them with a damp cloth, and they will shine as if they were brand new. It’s the pipes, and the filters, and the interior that requires some work. Here is how you should clean your hot tub:

  • Pipes: Clean the pipelines and flush them into the tub. Doing this will remove any dirt and debris from the pipes and move them into the tub. From there, you can remove the particles yourself easily.
  • Draining: Next step is to drain the hot tub completely. Unplug the hot tub from the isolator and completely drain the water from the hot tub. Now your pipes are clean. All you have to do is clean the tub surface and jets.
  • Surface & Jets: You can use a surface cleaner with a damp cloth to clean the jets and the surface. Just make sure not to use an abrasive cloth or a detergent cleaner. Using an abrasive cloth will damage the surface and the jets, and using a detergent cleaner will cause bubbles and foam to build up when you use the hot tub afterward.
  • Cover, Panel, Pillows: Use a damp and non-abrasive cloth to clean the hot tub cover, panel, and pillows. Make sure to remove any debris or particles stuck to the surface or the pillows.
  • Refill: Now, the hot tub is ready to be refilled. Refill with fresh water, check the pH levels, and put in some chlorine or bromine for sanitizing the water. With this complete cleanup, you are good to go for the season.


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