The most effective method to clean your vehicle with a pressure washer


Certain individuals like to take extra care about the outside of their vehicle and will invest energy cleaning and waxing the outside as well as the inside. Then again, washing a vehicle can appear to be a dreary assignment to some others. After all, a fast 10-minute excursion through an automatic vehicle wash is essentially what most people can afford to spend cleaning a vehicle.

Regardless of whether you’re a vehicle lover who washes your vehicle consistently, or somebody who simply needs to take care of business rapidly, using a pressure washer is a viable method for cleaning the outside of your vehicle.

If done correctly, it will leave your car looking spotless and with a great shine. That’s why we’ve assembled all that you really want to be familiar with when using a pressure washer – it’s more straightforward than you could might suspect.

Pick the Right Tension Washer and the Right Spout

While washing your vehicle, it is essential to use a pressure washer with the appropriate power (PSI: pounds per square inch) and water stream (GPM: gallons each moment).

Washing a vehicle with a strain washer requires roughly 1,900 – 2,800 washing units. And, unfortunately, a normal hose garden usually does only 280 cleaning units. Meanwhile, a power washer reaches up to 2250 cleaning units. Therefore, we can safely say that pressure washers are more efficient than garden hoses while using less water.

There are various sorts of spouts to browse. The right size is vital to guarantee that your vehicle is cleaned actually and that the paint isn’t harmed. There are two attributes to think about while picking a strain washer for your vehicle: pressure rating and spout size.

Pick a pressure washer set to 1200 – 1900 PSI. It’s safe for vehicle use, so you don’t need to stress over harming your vehicle’s paint. Specialists suggest a 1.4 – 1.6 GPM pressure washer is the perfect

Pick the right spout

There are different spout measures that can be utilized with the strain washer. Pick the right size to disperse the water equally on surface level.

A 0 degree tip isn’t safe for cars. It can cut through metal. That’s why you should never use a red tip when washing your car. Yellow nozzles (15 degree) shouldn’t be used either on cars. They can strip paint.

A good nozzle to use on your car is the 25 degree (green) one. It flushed debris from hard surfaces and can be used to clean mud off the car surface. That’s why it’s a good one for pre-washing your car.

For a finishing touch, use the white nozzle. This 40-degree spout can clean large areas fast. It’s highly recommended for rinsing off detergent.

However, here’s a good tip: Prior to flushing the vehicle, splash some water from the washer on the ground to really take a look at the tension of the water. While using the washer on the vehicle, attempt to shower the water descending on the vehicle’s surface.


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