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Alright, so let’s talk i feel you linger in the air Youku episode guides. You might think, “Why should I bother reading one? I’m watching the show anyway.” Well, hold up a sec. An episode guide is like having a cheat sheet for what’s going down in each episode. No, it won’t spoil the big moments for you, but it gives you the lowdown on what you’re getting into.

Ever been lost in a show’s complex storyline or forgot who some minor character was? The episode guide’s got your back. It’s like a quick refresher that keeps you in the loop. And hey, if you’ve missed a couple of episodes or are jumping back into a show you paused a while ago, an episode guide can catch you up in no time.

Episode Guide: I Feel You Linger in the Air

So, let’s get things started. This is a 12-episode Thai TV drama series that’s all about boys love and tons of drama. But, what about episode-wise content? Let’s see!

Episode Recaps

So, our beloved main protagonist Jom has had a terrible breakup. To clear up his mind and mood, he goes on a drive. But guess what? The drive is so rough, that he ends up in the river. Jom loses consciousness, but when he’s back, he finds himself in some random place at Chiang Mai.

The mystery starts here. Just like Jom, all the viewers would be thinking where he’s right now. Jom finds a newspaper, goes through it, and realizes he’s traveled in time. Whoah! That’s some incredible mystery.

Now Jom has no option but to explore more about this mystery. As he explores places, he discovers that there are so many faces he can recognize. What’s actually going on? Just like Jom, audience will keep thinking the same question.

It’s time that Jom sees the love of his life Ohm. But the situation is not something that Jom liked.

Episode Airing Dates

A total of 12 episodes are planned for this series, which are aired once a week. Let’s see airing date of each episode.

  • Episode 1: August 18, 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 2: August 25, 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 3: September 1, 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 4: September 8, 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 5: September 15, 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 6: September 22, 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 7: September 29, 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 8: October 6, 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 9: October 13, 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 10: October 20, 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 11: October 27, 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 12: November 03, 2023 (Friday)

Where Can I Watch?

You can watch on Youku.tv. All the aired episodes are available and you can stay tuned for upcoming episodes, if any. Youku.tv is a very reliable platform that has a proven history of high-quality user experience. Along with I Feel You Linger in the Air, you can watch many more programs while you’re waiting for the next episodes of this Thai series.


Sometimes these guides have extra tidbits like trivia or behind-the-scenes info, making the whole watching experience even cooler. So next time you dive into a TV program, don’t skip the episode guide. It’s like having a TV wingman, and who doesn’t want that?


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