How to Get Value from Your Network Patch Cable


A patch cable is an optical or electrical cable with connectors at each end, used to connect one optical or electronic device to another for signal routing. These cables are important when running electronic or optical devices because they allow high-speed system performance. Simply put, the purpose of a network patch cable such as the ones found at is to link or “patch” a signal from one end to another. Network patch cables transfer audio, video, telephone, and digital signals. So, how do you get value from your network patch cable?

Ways to use your network patch cable and get value from it

The network patch cable is vital and has several uses. Many electrical or optical devices will not function as expected without this cable. Here are some of the uses of a network patch cable.

Connecting two devices

The primary objective of network cables is to link two devices together or to a wired network. Network patch cables are generally short connections between a device and a router. Longer patch cables are not suitable for an end-to-end connection due to prevalent signal loss.  Short cables help maintain signals between the devices, and that’s why they are best suited for good connectivity between devices. A good example is the Ethernet patch cable.

Testing connections

Do you need a cable to test connections? Network patch cables are used to swap out equipment, change network configurations, or assess the quality of the signal. However, this is done through a patch panel, a switchboard where patch cables terminate. These patch cables earned their name from running connections through a patch panel. You can depend on these cables for this task.

Embrace the cables for home use

This patch cable connects a computer to a network hub or router. That means your home device’s network needs will be sorted with the cable in place. In some cases, these cables are used when making home computer networks. Thanks to the cable’s affordability and practicability. They are also used to create hard-wired internet connections in places with no Wi-Fi networks.

Music or sound recording

Besides connecting computers, patch cables such as RCA connectors, microphone cables, and headphone extension cables are used in sound engineering to connect certain devices to other sound devices. For instance, a microphone cable connects a microphone to an amplifier. Ensure you go for the best fit cable to enjoy your music fully.

Good network patch cables guarantee value

Your network patch cable is important because it links one device to another or a network hub. Remember that these cables come in two varieties; the copper patch cable and the fiber optic patch cables. Copper patch cables are generally a few inches long and connect devices like printers to computers, and so on. Fiber optic patch cables with pre-terminated connectors connect devices such as telecommunications equipment. Are you in the market for network patch cables? We’re here to offer patch cables that suit your specifications.


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