Sarah Claimed Her Power And Voice, Stopped Being A People-Pleaser, And Now Attracts Quality Men

Cathy Lets Go Of A Narcissist, Claims Her Worth, And Can Now Put Anyone In Their Place For The First Time
Tracy Goes From Being A Voiceless People-Pleaser To Being A Confident Dater Who Sets Strong Boundaries

Katia Is Set Free For A Painful Lifelong Pattern Of Dating Wrong Men

Every man I dated before was intimidated and unsupportive of my successful pilot career, which made me feel so worthless and unloved. Every relationship was unhealthy because I didn't know how to stand up for myself, respect myself, honor my needs, or set strong and healthy boundaries.

I'm also finally learning how to tell if a man is worth it or not early – within a few dates – instead of painfully dragging out dead-end situations for months, years, and decades like I used to. Now, if I man doesn’t listen or spend enough time with me, he’s out and I’m not interested. I’m so happy, and I love being empowered!

I also want to mention that Orchid wrote an online dating profile for me that filters out men who wouldn’t like my successful career in the first place. This tweak broke my lifelong negative pattern of attracting insecure men - just like that! It also upgraded my pickings big time. I went from attracting men from the bottom of the barrel to attracting high-quality men - an abundance of them! The difference in the quality of the men that I date now is incredible, and I'm having the BEST dating chapter of my life yet.

Claire James, 56, California

My self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence used to be so low that I hid the fact that I'm really a mum of two beautiful children to make myself more attractive to men. I also used to pretend that having casual, non-committed relationships was fine when it really wasn't and accepting crumbs was killing me.

I wasted A LOT of time on men who were all wrong for me, men who were emotionally unavailable, and men who didn't ever want to commit.

Ultimately, I wanted to find The One, get married, share my family, and have more children with the love of my life. I wanted to create a beautiful loving family with the right man that stays together!

Orchid immediately helped me to realize my worth, raise my confidence, find and use my voice, and hone effective communication skills. She empowered me to walk through fear, show up authentically, and express what I truly wanted to men.

In following her coaching, my self-worth climbed fast and things shifted so quickly that I met Peter only one month later! He’s the masculine type I've always wanted who leads, provides, and, most importantly, values family!

Orchid held my hand throughout this year that we've been together, helping me gracefully communicate my needs at every turn of our relationship. I can't tell you how amazing this has been! Because of her coaching, I can now resist attacking and blaming when I feel hurt, angry, or sand, and can, instead, clearly communicate to Peter what I need - from a loving place - in a way that makes Peter soften, hear me, give me what I need, and MORE! Instead of being pissed off, depressed, and bitchy like I usually am when I something's wrong, I can now gracefully communicate and get my needs met. Feeling safe, secure, happy, cherished, cared for, and deeply loved is a whole other world I'm enjoying immensely!

By the way, Peter and my children are crazy about each other. He told me that he wanted to have his first child with me. Despite worries of it being too late to conceive, I'm now PREGNANT and ENGAGED at the age of 36!

Orchid helped me attract and create the extraordinary love I wanted but didn't believe I was worthy of.

-Cathy Sadler, 36, Austrailia.

I was so anxious and scared about dating after being in a marriage for over a decade.

My whole life, I was unavailable to myself and I attracted unavailable men . I wasn’t authentic, and I never claimed what I really wanted out of a relationship, so I always found myself being miserable.

In only four months of working with Orchid, I’ve come so far in many ways! I know what I want now, and I’m not making any excuses as to why I can’t have that.

My now have strong boundaries, I’m no longer a people-pleaser, and saying NO! isn’t a problem anymore!

Overall, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin, I can now trust myself and my own decision-making, and I no longer feel anxious. Instead, I feel confident that I can handle anything that comes my way, which I’m really happy about!

And, I know that this is working because for the first time in my life, I’m attracting good-quality, reliable men who show up for me and are there for me EMOTIONALLY!

At first, this was scary because I’ve never known it before, but Orchid held my hand every step of the way and helped me to know that this IS what I truly want, what I truly deserve, so now I can happily receive what I’ve always wanted and let all the goodness in!

- Tracy Scott, 39, Minnesota.


I finally got off a long-time rollercoaster and freed myself from emotional bondage with a narcissist.

Through this work with men, I’m learning so much about how I can show up in all areas of my life – how I’ve been over-giving and attracting takers my whole life. But not anymore.

Now I can say “No!” to anyone who treats me less than kind, and I can set boundaries when I feel taken advantage of by ANYONE.

I’m feeling truly empowered for the first time in my life at 57 years old and enjoying being a high-value woman.

Cathy Wolfe, 57, New Jersey

The low-quality men I used to settle for in the past were dreadful - quite sad really, because I never felt like I was worth anything more. In working with Orchid, I now know exactly what I’m worth, which is A LOT. I’m worth everything I want and need to be happy!  

I now reject men who aren’t right for me, whereas my pattern before was accepting anything I could get and clinging on out of a desperation to feel loved and wanted - no matter how bad things got . It’s a big change to say “No, you’re not good enough for me!” instead of accepting any man that would have me.

I can now speak up for myself when men treat me in ways that don’t feel good. My happiness has become more important than losing anyone.

Raising my worth has also changed what I value in men dramatically. I now look for and appreciate a man’s caring nature, whereas I didn’t before. I no longer give into men just because they’re attractive. I’m repulsed when they’re not right for me on the inside - even when there’s intense chemistry and attraction.

I can now say for a fact that my pattern of choosing low-quality men is BROKEN FOREVER! I can now trust myself to make right choices that are good for me, which is such a good and lovely place to be!

With Orchid, I know that I’m on my the right track to finding the right man, and I look forward to setting a healthy, loving relationship example for my two daughters who’ve never known that before.

-Clare Warnham, 38, UK.

I’ve released the people-pleaser in me with Orchid’s help. Prior to working with together, I would’ve kept entertaining men I’m not attracted to just to be nice which only led him on, or I would go on multiple dates trying to convince myself that there was something there. I was “the nice girl” to my own detriment, but not anymore. I’ve also been given tools to help my see and draw strong boundaries when a man is wrong or unhealthy for me quickly. I can now trust myself to see through these types of men, see them for who they really are, and close the door fast instead of falling for them. Prior to my work with Orchid, I would’ve done anything I could to keep such bad boys attracted to me and pursuing me, but now I just say “Thanks so much for your time. Best of luck to you!” It’s so easy to just say “NEXT!” from all the empowerment I’ve gained! I’ve also definitely broken the bad pattern of settling. I’ve also definitely broken the bad pattern of settling. All of this work has paid off in attracting a beautiful man and relationship that feels SO RIGHT! I’ve also definitely broken the bad pattern of settling. All of this work has paid off in attracting a beautiful man and relationship that feels SO RIGHT!

- Sarah Reynoso, 39, California