“Orchid Tao has astutely provided me with compassionate support both on a personal and professional level for years. She has helped me realize my life’s path by inspiring me to shift my thought process towards positivity and self-care. In loving myself and having a self-nurturing lifestyle, I have been able to transform my relationships and live authentically in my highest purpose. She has helped me find simple, positive affirmations that help me in my everyday life. Above all, she has listened to me in a way that helped me find my own clarity. The path to love and self-worth are¬†difficult journeys, and having someone who truly understands and supports you through is crucial. Orchid’s experience and education allows her to be a Light, an inspirational Spirit, and a deep supporter for anyone who is called to her. Thank you for everything, Orchid!”

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Hayley ShulaPiano Instructor, Singer-Songwriter, and Musician 3 Key StudioEmeryville, CA.