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“After my husband cheated on me and we got divorced, my self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth were completely shot, and heartache consumed me day and night for the next five years…until I met Orchid.  She gave me everything I needed to save myself.  I healed so much of my life, broke life-long negative patterns, and shifted my belief system completely – to the point where I’m now a free, secure, and happy woman who loves herself!  And, today, I’m even dating a wonderful and amazing man, who for the first time in my life, actually makes me feel like a beautiful, cherished princess!  I know it wouldn’t have been possible without Orchid.  I’m so glad I did the work with her, because the rewards are truly incredible and truly priceless!”  -Shelly R., 52, Kansas City, MI

Working with Orchid enabled me to end my vicious cycle of unhealthy relationships and empowered me to be who I needed to be in order to attract the profoundly beautiful and loving relationship I’m in now. I cherish sharing my life with my partner every day.  It’s amazing how we connect on every level – from the music we love to our moral and spiritual values.  We mutually believe that we are perfect for each other!!” –Monica H., 48, New York, NY

“Orchid helped me turn my marriage around. Before working with her, my husband and I were in a horrible rut for years! Now we have the best talks, the best sex, the best laughs, and the best times of our lives with each other – all because Orchid helped me feminize my communication and approach my husband in loving ways that inspired him to WILLINGLY give me what I want and need! Feeling loved, adored, cherished, special, and important to the only man I want to be with is a dream come true! I didn’t have to get divorced or succumb to settling, and I’m so happy and grateful for that! ” –Leona.T., 46, Albuquerque, NM

“Orchid Tao has astutely provided me with compassionate support both on a personal and professional level for years. She has helped me realize my life’s path by inspiring me to shift my thought process towards positivity and self-care. In loving myself and having a self-nurturing lifestyle, I have been able to transform my relationships and live authentically in my highest purpose. She has helped me find simple, positive affirmations that help me in my everyday life. Above all, she has listened to me in a way that helped me find my own clarity. The path to love and self-worth are difficult journeys, and having someone who truly understands and supports you is crucial. Orchid’s experience and education allows her to be a Light, an inspirational Spirit, and a deep supporter for anyone who is called to her. Thank you for everything, Orchid!”  –Hayley S., 30’s, Emeryville, CA

“Orchid Tao has been instrumental in my life. I am learning to heal from past traumas with the tools she has given me through her coaching, journaling exercises, and daily affirmations for self-worth, anxiety, and any other issues that might surface. When implementing these techniques, I am able to maneuver through life with peace and clarity. I truly appreciate her work and service to me and others on the journey to healing and loving the Self.” –Athene N., 30’s, Phoenix, AZ

“I was heartbroken over my ex for 9 long years! While I had relationships with other men, they were just void fillers, because my heart painfully remained with him. Orchid helped me to know my self-worth from the core of my being, and finally knowing that I’m worthy and deserving of love is the greatest thing that ever happened to me!  I’m no longer an emotional prisoner, and I’m thrilled to report that I’ll be marrying the man of my dreams – a man I’m crazy about, who loves, adores, and cherishes me like no other!  None of this would’ve ever happened without doing self-work with Orchid!” -Veronica M. 44, San Jose, CA

“All I have to say is “WOW!’  Orchid is someone who truly serves from her heart, and that’s really hard to find.  Receiving her loving and compassionate guidance and support was the best thing that I ever did for myself.  I KNOW that working with Orchid saved me from having to endure many more years of pain and suffering, if not hurting for the rest of life!  And, I didn’t just get over my ex.  I created permanent shifts – shifts that guarantee that I’ll never find myself inside the arms of another undeserving man ever again. Here’s to being happy single!”  -Teresa M., 46, Rome, NY

“With regards to romantic relationships, namely the part where things fall apart and I am really hurting, Orchid is the first person I turn to for help. She brings to the table a brilliant mix of deep feminine sensitivity and practical tough-love logic, which allows me to feel a special sense of trust and safety. I treasure her gift and am grateful she is here sharing it with the world.” –Xavi P., 30’s, Ashland, OR

“After my abusive marriage of ten years, I entered another abusive relationship for five years.  While I knew that I was in a very dark place with both men, I couldn’t love myself enough to leave.  In working with Orchid, self-love stopped being completely illusive and ungraspable.  I was finally able to love myself and let go of my ex for good.  Since making this much needed shift in my life, I’ve attracted so many great people, including finding the true love of my life!  This work in amazing, and it works! -Pamela G., 47, Seattle, WA

“I was in a dead-end marriage and thought I was going to have to get a divorce because I had tried everything, including various family and marriage therapists for years and nothing worked! Then I found Orchid and what she taught me created a miracle in my relationship with my husband! Today, we share profound emotional intimacy and the best sexual intimacy we’ve ever had, and I finally feel seen, heard, important, and deeply, truly LOVED.”  -Jody S., 49, Toronto, Canada

“I was totally and completely devastated after my divorce.  I lost everything and had to start all over again, because I chose the wrong man.  And, the crazy thing is – I still wanted to be with him! Thanks to Orchid, I was not only able to let go and break my negative patterns, but also find my blessings in disguise.  She also helped me to let go of regret, anger, and fear, and forgive myself and others, truly freeing my heart for good.  Today I’m an emotionally independent and happy single woman, who’s enjoying life to the fullest! -Josie S., 39, New York, NY


“An abundance of gratitude and blessings to you for sharing your knowledge and talents with my co-workers and I. Your workshop on holistic balance was fun, genuine, and insightful. You’ve gifted us tools that enable us to navigate challenges and attract beauty and bounty into our lives.” –Leanne M., 30’s, Program Coordinator for The Girls Scouts, Phoenix, AZ

“I never thought I’d ever, ever, EVER get over my ex, but Orchid proved me WRONG! Working with her has made me realize that just how worthy and deserving of love I really am. I finally woke the hell up from my self-created suffering…And, now I know that you’re NEVER too old or unattractive to find true love! You just have to love yourself enough and know how to put yourself out there the right way. Orchid will surely show you how!” -Ramona A., 50’s, Portland, OR

“Coaching with Orchid is like talking to an incredibly wise, supportive, and creative best friend.” –R.M., 30’s, Los Angeles, CA

“I developed deep self-awareness and personal power. Now I can rely on myself to fill my own voids and heal my own wounds.” –D.W., 30’s, Phoenix, AZ