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You’ll be guided and supported by Orchid – a Coach who has successfully broken her own negative and unhealthy dating and relationship patterns and has found the extraordinary love of her life! She has been in a healthy, happy, and loving relationship with her incredible boyfriend, Mike, since December of 2013.

Orchid has also helped many women achieve the same results. You can read their testimonials here.

Unlike books, online courses, and short-term programs that often leave you where you started, you’ll receive consistent guidance and have a strong support system – for a WHOLE YEAR – enough time to be to apply what you learn to your life well, which is exactly what’s needed to create lasting change and achieve the results you want.

This is both a structured and a fluid program. While there’s a natural progression to what you’ll be learning on the LIVE group coaching calls, Orchid will always advise and support you personally to meet your unique wants and needs at every stage in your journey to finding love.



This program is designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to become the woman who can attract and keep the extraordinary man and relationship you truly want. Here’s the blueprint…

I.  You will cultivate a fiercely self-loving, positive, and resilient mindset in order to:

  1. Have a healthy, happy, and loving relationship with yourself
  2. Have high self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and self-respect
  3. Hold high personal standards
  4. Hold strong boundaries
  5. Attract high-quality men and, ultimately, The One
  6. Become the most attractive and magnetic version of yourself
  7. Have the strength and courage to be authentic and vulnerable, so you can be loved for who you really are and experience deep, meaningful intimacy and
  8. Have a positive belief system that attracts the love you want
  9. Break negative dating, relationship, and thinking patterns that keep attracting what you don’t want
  10. Leave a wrong man/relationship behind for good

II.  You will learn how to activate and use your feminine power to:

  1. Increase your magnetism with sexual confidence
  2. Become incredibly attractive to high-quality men
  3. Get pursued by high-quality men
  4. Receive love and commitment from The One

III. You will learn how to date smartly and effectively in order to:

  1. Make good choices that set you up for having great love, happiness, and fulfillment (rather than misery)
  2. Pace the dating process so that it serves you (instead of rushing and making the same past mistakes)
  3. Own and use your feminine power to attract and get pursued by more men
  4. Date effectively both online and in person
  5. Spot red flags and weed out wrong men quickly to protect your heart, time, energy, mind, body, family, soul, and bank account
  6. Know what important questions to ask, when to ask them, and how to ask them so you truly get to know a man and invest in the RIGHT man
  7. Attract, recognize, and choose the extraordinary man who’s truly right for you

IV.  You will learn how to create and sustain extraordinary love by learning how to:

  1. Create a foundation for a healthy, happy, and deeply loving relationship that has what it takes to last
  2. Communicate your wants, needs, and concerns healthily and effectively so you get heard and met in ways that truly make you feel cherished, adored, protected, taken care of, important, and loved
  3. Resolve conflicts healthily and effectively in order to strengthen (rather than destroy) the love, trust, and happiness of your relationship



  • 3 private 40-minute coaching calls per month (work with me 1-on1)
  • Homework, exercises, and personalized goal-setting to move you forward
  • Email support for quick question answering


To reserve your spot, contact Orchid at orchid@orchidtao.com as soon as possible before all spots are taken.

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