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Orchid Tao, Dating and Empowerment Coach
(40 years young)
UC Berkeley Alumni

My first two decades of dating were mainly painful, miserable, and unhealthy because I had extremely low self-esteem, low self-worth, and lacked high standards and confidence. I also had no idea how to qualify men, so I couldn’t protect myself and often got hurt and heartbroken. Resultedly, I wasted a lot of time and attracted many types of wrong men who were emotionally unavailable, incompatible, and sometimes even toxic and abusive. I dated a narcissist too!

In trying to break unhealthy patterns, I tried dating men who were safe but unattractive, which didn’t work because sacrificing chemistry for safety just made me miserable in a different way.

Next, I decided to completely shut men out of my life and be celibate for two years, thinking I’d miraculously emerge from this cocoon totally healed and fixed. But, that didn’t work either. In fact, I attracted the worst men and relationships ever after a whole year or working on myself and loving me.

The revelation I had from this was astounding! I realized that dating and creating healthy relationship required serious skills, and these were what I was really missing.

So I learned as much as I could, and this inspired me to develop my own Man-Filtering Methodology, which I used to break my own unhealthy patterns for good and attract high-quality, healthy men and relationships.

My proven methodology has also helped my clients break lifelong negative patterns and attract healthy love with extraordinary men successfully – most often in just a few months.

It’s my passion and life mission to EMPOWER WOMEN with self-worth, discernment, smart and practical dating navigation skills, and the communication and boundary-setting skills needed to effectively attract healthy love with the right, high-quality committed man who’s attractive, trustworthy, safe, emotionally available, loving and compatible in every way that matters to them.


While nothing beats hard-earned experience, here’s my academic track record anyway:

    • Bachelors of Arts – UC Berkeley, CA
  • Advanced Life Coaching Certification – Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, AZ