Orchid Tao, Dating and Relationship Coach
(39 years young as of 2018)
UC Berkeley Alumni
My first couple of decades of dating were extremely painful and miserable because I didn’t have self-worth nor self-confidence. This created a pattern of choosing many types of wrong men – men who were unavailable, incompatible, and sometimes even abusive. In trying to break that unhealthy pattern, I dated men who were safe but unattractive. But, that didn’t work (because you need to be turned on and met in ALL the ways that matter to you).
Then I decided to completely shut men out of my life and be celibate for two years, thinking I would miraculously emerge from this cocoon totally fixed. And, that didn’t work either.
What finally did my attract high-quality, commitment-ready man is:
  • Becoming an EMPOWERED WOMAN, who KNOWS that I am worthy of everything I want and need to feel deeply loved and be truly happy
  • Activating my FEMININE POWER to attract men with amazing qualities (that most settlers believe are impossible to find), along with becoming a FEARLESS COMMUNICATOR who can ask and stand for what I really want and need with FEMININE GRACE
  • Applying SMART DATING STRATEGIES and DISCERNMENT that sift out wrong men quickly
  • Becoming so EMPOWERED and SELF-TRUSTING that I can let my walls down, be authentic and vulnerable, and be OPEN TO LOVE (even in the face of possible rejection)
Today, my passion and mission in life are to EMPOWER WOMEN with these same skills so they can ELEVATE their dating experience, have their CHOICE of high-quality, commitment-ready men, and choose THE EXTRAORDINARY ONE who’s truly RIGHT for them….That’s how you too can have EXTRAORDINARY LOVE!


While nothing beats hard-earned experience, here’s my academic track record anyway:

  • Bachelors of Arts – UC Berkeley, CA
  • Advanced Life Coaching Certification – Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, AZ