I’m an ex-Love Junkie, and my entire happiness relied on having a man and being in love.  This drove me to chase countless infatuations and fantasies recklessly, resulting in having a crazy roller-coaster of an emotional life, lots of painful heartbreaks, and many miserable and unhealthy relationships – including abusive ones. 

This extremely negative pattern held me back in life BIG TIME!

What was the root cause of my vicious, life-consuming problem?  ME.  So, that’s what I improved first.  The more I cultivated a healthy, happy, and loving relationship with myself, the more every aspect of my life fell into right place, including my love life.

I also began picking apart every dating and relationship mistake I ever made, in order to glean as many valuable lessons from my experience as possible.  Since I made soooooooooo many of them, a wealth of insights awaited me! 

From these discoveries, I created and refined powerful SELF-LOVING DATING METHODS that have won many women, including myself, what we truly want and deserve: HEALTHY, HAPPY LASTING LOVE WITH MEN WHO’RE PERFECT FOR US!

1601348_10151874220197443_1912928617_n (1)(We’ve been together since 12/19/13, and things have only gotten better and better!)

Today, it’s my passion and purpose to be a catalyst for joy, beauty, and fulfillment, especially the kind that comes from being in an unquestionably healthy, happy, and loving relationship with the right person.  I want you to have a mindful dating system that yields extraordinary love – the kind where you both know you’re lucky as hell to have each other and don’t take shit for granted…There’s nothing like having a man who REALLY SEES YOU – your rare beauty – and knows that you’re the only one in the world for him…And, you feel the same exact way back!

Rare Orchid(Created by My Love for Valentine’s Day, 2016.)

If I can go from being totally lost, depressed, and having nothing but painful relationships – for over two decades – to having independence, personal happiness, and amazing love with the man of my dreams, SO CAN YOU!

If you’re ready and willing to create a life and relationship you love, I can show you how to DATE LIKE A BADASS and create what you want!



While nothing beats hard-earned experience, here’s my academic track record anyway:


  • Masters of Metaphysics – University of Metaphysical Sciences, Mankato, MN
  • Bachelors of Metaphysics – University of Metaphysical Sciences, Mankato, MN
  • Advanced Life Coaching – Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, AZ
  • Bachelors of Arts – American Studies: Theater, Film, and Representation -UC Berkeley, CA