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Wanting to please each other in a relationship is a beautiful, loving act that my man and I naturally do for each other daily, and there are no issues with us doing so because it’s reciprocal and we have a great relationship.
However, what I often see in painful situations is one-way giving.
If you often find yourself doing whatever you can to please non-reciprocating men or men who only give you crumbs of attention, please know that this is self-destructive behavior that you must cease if you’re ever going to find TRUE LOVE.
When you invest your energy into men that don’t, won’t, or can’t love you back, you energetically perpetuate the painful pattern of attracting MORE unavailable, non-committal, and/or untrustworthy men.
Here are 2 tips for breaking the negative man-pleasing pattern:
1. Give yourself the love, approval, and validation you’re seeking. Empowered women KNOW that they’re valuable and worthy of respect, love, and attention regardless of what anyone does or thinks of them. They base their worth on THEIR OWN POSITIVE OPINIONS of themselves rather than on someone else’s actions or opinions….Get to the place where you don’t take rejection personally from the men you date and you’ll truly know strength and freedom and become amazingly magnetic to high-quality men.
2. Know that he’s NOT The One until he proves it. Oftentimes women jump the gun when there’s strong chemistry and attraction. It’s easy to float away on a cloud when your brain is chemically high on these; however, a man MUST prove himself to you FIRST before you can allow yourself to start believing that he’s The One. Any visions you may have of happily ever after before he has done anything, or has done anything consistently, to deserve your love is pure imprisoning fantasy that can keep you stuck for many years.
Only please those who deserve to be pleased, and you’ll know who they are because it’ll FEEL GOOD (instead of painful).