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We’ve all had men we really, really like and hoped was The One disappear on us, whether it’s after promising to call and going out on a first date or after a series of dates that seemed amazing.
So what do you do when this happens?!
To preserve your personal power and self-worth, stay away from:
1. Chasing him
2. Trying to get answers
3. Trying to get closure
4. Lashing out at him in anger
5. Stalking him online/offline
If you do any of the above things, he will see you as a low-value woman who is desperate, clingy, needy, and/or crazy, and you will deepen your unhealthy attachment to him.
The number one thing you can do in such a situation is to take extra good care of yourself by loving yourself up!
You have to be strong and loving enough to always be there for you – to be your own rock, savior, and lover.
Here are 5 steps to recovery when he disappears:
1. Have compassion for him. 
I know this sounds and feels counter-intuitive, but remember – lots of people are just effin scared. There could be a lot of stuff coming up for him that’s causing him to future trip, and he just doesn’t have the communication skills to work through them or express his deal.
2. Have compassion for yourself.
There’s nothing so wrong with anyone on this planet that makes them unworthy of being loved, so don’t pick yourself apart, punish yourself, or allow your mind to replay the reasons why you’re not enough. Shut the negativity OFF.
3. Say loving things to yourself.
Talk to yourself as if you were lifting the spirits of someone super dear to you that you truly, truly love! How would you encourage them? Make them feel beautiful? Give them hope? And reassure them that the RIGHT man for them exists? Do this for yourself!
4. Keep your heart open.
It’s crucial to get yourself to the other side of abandonment and rejection with an open heart, because an open heart is Love’s doorway. No matter how many disappointments happen, it’s your responsibility to keep the door to love open if you ever want it to enter your life.
5. Take responsibility to improve.
Each experience with men shows us where we need to step up. It’s your responsibility to decode each experience and uplevel your self-love, your belief system, and your dating and relationship skills until you get into total alignment with what you want.